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Subscriptions are a powerful business model.  So powerful, most traditional companies are trying to move more of their revenue to a subscription model.  Those that started as a subscription struggle to accelerate their growth. But if you thought running a traditional business was hard, wait until you try a subscription.  These courses will provide you aha moments and how-to instructions that will help grow your subscription business.  You may go into this wanting to learn about subscription service pricing, but you will learn so much more.  Start with Accelerate Your Subscription Business, where you will learn a framework for thinking about subscriptions.  You will learn the 3 revenue buckets and the 3 value levers.  You will learn the most important KPIs and when to manage which ones.  This course provides you clarity and the ability to communicate your current strategy.  Then move to the Pricing Metrics.  This course helps you answer the question, "What should we charge for?"  In SaaS businesses, this answer is crucial to your success.  Even in traditional business, understanding this may give you the creative thought process needed to revolutionize your industry.  Think of what Netflix did to Blockbuster.  They changed the pricing metric.  Finish up with the packaging course.  Creating an upgrade path for your buyers is a key to growth, but deciding which features go in which of the good, better, best packages is challenging.  In this course, you will learn three techniques to make those decisions.    

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