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It’s time to move from guessing to growing by understanding how value is created and profits made in today's competitive marketplace. 

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Too many people say "I'm not responsible for pricing."

In a very strict sense that may be true. They may not set the price...

However, EVERYONE is responsible for VALUE!

Product Manager

Your job is to define and build products and features that segments of buyers value and will pay for. How can you do that if you don't understand value?

Product Marketing

Your job is to communicate the value of your product so a broad set of buyers quickly recognize that value and begin their buyer's journey. How can you do that if you don't understand value?


Your job is to learn how each individual buyer perceives value and then communicate how your product provides that value.  How can you do that if you don't understand value?  

We created Champions of Value for one very big reason: too many people responsible for communicating customer value neglect to take responsibility for their part in pricing.  Without knowing it, these people actually have a huge impact on how much value the buyer perceives, which means they have a huge impact on the price buyers will pay.

This site wants YOU to become a Champion of Value. You will be absolutely shocked how quickly your career can grow when you truly understand value, especially if you're one of the few in your company who do.


close deals quicker and at higher prices, because they stop pitching.  Instead they collaboratively explore what the buyer truly values.

Marketing Professionals

stop talking about their features (which nobody cares about).  Instead they learn to communicate the most valuable solutions in words that resonate with buyers.

Product Managers

stop building features nobody wants!  Instead they build the new products and capabilities that buyers will pay more for.


We have a soft spot in our hearts for you.  When you learn to think and talk in value - always - you will earn more respect and have more influence in the departments you need to change.  

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